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Papaya Juice Can Save from Lots of Diseases


Partakers papaya benefit our health. But, papaya leaf juice drink rarely heard anyone. Papaya leaf juice is good if you have been drinking and if the drink to drink now thalnus has said no. Because fruits are eaten as well as many forms of the disease mevakoe jusale leaf can …

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The treatment of jaundice that can be done from home


With the increase of summer various kinds of disease gets spread. Due to various types of food the disease gets spread. Here is one of the disease which is mostly caused in the summer. Jaundice itself isn’t a disease but is a symptoms of various kinds of disease. Once jaundice …

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Health Benefits of Cinnamon (Dalchini) Cinnamon benefits


Health Benefits of Cinnamon (Dalchini) Cinnamon benefits for weight loss & Cold, Cinnamon is a natural home remedy for diabetes. It is very effective to treat all digestive problems like gas, acidity, nausea and vomiting many more. It will help decrease skin disease. Watch the Video Below or image fore …

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How much weight you need to be healthy


To be healthy everyone must know about their weight. You can know it easily. The formula for this is reduce 100 from your height in cm. The result will be your weight which is appropriate.If you height is 170 cm than reducing 100 means you need to be 70 kg. …

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Benefits Of Cloves – Health Tips


Cloves offer many health benefits, some of which include providing aid in digestion, having antimicrobial properties, fighting against cancer, protecting the liver, boosting the immune system, controlling diabetes, preserving bone quality, and containing anti-mutagenic properties, as well as fighting against oral diseases and headaches, while displaying aphrodisiac properties as well.

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Ways of increase the vision of eye in 7 days


In Ayurveda, word ‘Triphala’ are the most important and most efficient as well as effective fruits which can prevent from different types of diseases. “Triphala” is made by three fruits which are “Herro, Barro and Amala”. The dust of these three fruits is called ‘Triphala’. Know about the advantages of …

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Solution of the hair fall


Hairball becomes the common problems to all. This is the problem which can affect the different types of age group. But it has also the solution. There are several products in the market which are used to stop the hair fall. They claim that those products will stop your hair …

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Drink water according to your weight


According to doctor people should drink around 8 glass that is 2 liter water per day. But the amount of water depends upon the body structure of the people. First know your weight, you need to know weight in order to know how much water you need to drink. Because …

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