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Battho Manchhe Comedy Serial

A new Nepali short comedy movie has been uploaded on YouTube and it is very funny.
In the short movie a man carries his bag and is all set to go abroad. His wife on the other hand is very sad and crying. She requests him not to go because they recently has a child and she wants him around no matter what.

The man convinces her to take care of herself and their son because he is going for them. His wife cries and they depart. But after 5 years he comes back. He is very happy and excited to meet his family. But as soon as he enters the house he sees his wife [email protected] [email protected] in blanket and she is crying. He gets [email protected] and asks what happened. She says that she is having a heart @[email protected]

She runs upstairs to call the ambulance but he sees his son and he tells him about the guy sitting [email protected] in the other room. He searched for him and when he finally sees him, he scolds him what he was doing walking around [email protected] when his wife was having a heart @ttack. The man gets shocked to see the reaction.