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New Nepali Short Film “Sathi ko Sirmati”

Pereli Film presents a short film ” Sathi ko Sirmati”. This film shows that every wife who are in long distance relationship are not same. Some of them are so loyal that they keeps on waiting their husband to come.
Here in this film too you can see same loyal wife. One day one of her girlfriend came to her room and she asked her to go shopping and she agrees to go with her and they gets ready and walks away. But her another friend to came to her house so she decided not to go for a shopping with her girlfriend that day and than all of them goes to the room.

Than they started to talk to each other but suddenly one of the girl gets call who was supposed to be her girlfriend and she leaves to her way and they becomes alone there and they continue to talk, meanwhile boy stared to touch her as he had intention to have [email protected] with her, girl gets angry and scolds her but that man tells that her husband is away so until he comes lets have [email protected] but she was so loyal that she ignored that man and asked him to get away from her home.