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Waterfall in Kompot Videos

A video has emerged on the internet and it shows how [email protected] nature can be sometimes. The video has been captured in Kambot of Cambodia.
The video is almost 2 minutes long and has been uploaded on a YouTube channel called Flood Videos. The video starts with a some people running towards what looks like a jungle. The people are shouting and [email protected] and later the camera heads towards a flooded river.

As the camera focuses, a woman and two kids can be seen holding on to a rock trying to prevent being swept away by the fast flowing current of water. They are screaming for pain and in just a short period of time, people start to collect around and help each other to pull the family out.

A man bend a tree and tries to help them but he fails and that is when all the people create a human chain and help the trio one by one. The video is really amazing and there are many good comments in the